Refrigerant Recovery (Freon)

Under Section 608 of the CAA, the EPA has required service practices that maximize recovery and recycling of ozone-depleting substances. Older freon – a stable, nonflammable, moderately toxic gas or liquid – contains chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), an organic compound that has been implicated in ozone-depletion.

As per the EPA, only certified technicians are permitted to reclaim freon and similar CFC or HCFC fluids. There is a set of approved equipment to use that has been designed to minimize loss of freon into the atmosphere. The EPA gives only three options for the disposal of freon: Recovery, Recycling, or Reclamation.

Quantum Technology specializes in freon reclamation. Our technicians are all certified, having received rigorous training in the equipment necessary for recycling freon, as well as best practices for handling it safely. During reclamation, the ARI Standard 700-1993 necessitates that the refrigerant be returned to a higher purity level.

How does it work?

First, the freon refrigerant is vacuumed out of the CRAC unit with special equipment. Depending on the equipment it may do a single pass through the system, or many. Driers in the recycling equipment separate any moisture that could damage a cooling system, and filters keep out impurities that could cause clogs.

Not only does Quantum Technology guarantee that your freon will be safely and meticulously removed, but we will reclaim it for use in future systems ensuring that it doesn’t wind up in a landfill, or damaging the ozone layer, but in new equipment.

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