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Fire suppression systems are an important line of defense for any mission critical site or data center space, and the most common systems involve what’s known as a clean agent. These clean agents – most popularly known as Halon, or FM-200 – are gaseous compounds that suppress fires at their source, extinguishing oxygen, fuel and the ignition itself.

Most importantly, these clean agents leave behind no residue after the fire has been extinguished. They evaporate cleanly, unlike other systems that may seep into expensive critical equipment and do permanent damage. Following extinguishment, the agents are vented from the room. Unlike water, they are non-conductive and non-corrosive, making them ideal for use around delicate electrical equipment such as UPS’s, PDU’s, switchgear, etc.

We buy and recycle most types of clean agents. Our halon team is trained specifically to capture clean agents from their tanks in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Good clean agents that can be reused are put back into the secondary market – continuing their role of protecting essential equipment from fire. Halon is a chlorofluorocarbon or CFC compound (like Freon) and therefore it is expensive and risky to try to dispose of it entirely. A better course of action is recycling or reusing the clean agent.

Since the passing of the Montreal Protocol in 1987, which established a worldwide phasing out of halon production due to environmental concerns, purchased recycled halon has become the primary way for data centers to keep their particular fire suppression systems in service.

We purchase almost all kinds of clean agents including Halon 1301, 1211, 2402, and FM200. We can purchase the clean agent, its container, as well as do the removal.

Why use Quantum Technology for Halon & FM-200 recycling?

We can provide documentation that indicates exactly how it is being put back into service. As an R2 Certified company we generate reports for the recycling and reuse of all equipment that we purchase. This can set your mind at ease that not only is the clean agent not being discharged into the atmosphere to pollute the environment, but that it will be used for critical, and sometimes life-saving services, such as in hospitals, defense buildings, and financial institutions.

It is essential that your halon system be decommissioned by trained professionals. There have been reports of injury and death from the improper handling of a clean agent system. In these incidents, actuating devices had not been removed from the valves and anti-recoil devices, and protection caps were not installed prior to removal of the cylinders.

Contact us now to sell your fire suppression or halon system. The EPA requires that Halon be sold to a Halon recycler. You can call us, or email us. Please include photos of your tanks, including a picture of their tags that gives tare and agent weights. This will help us determine precisely how much clean agent you have, and what kind.

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Types of clean agent we can decommission & purchase:

  • Halon 1211
  • Halon 1301
  • Halon 2402
  • FM-200
  • HFC-23
  • HFC-125
  • HFC-227ea
  • HFC-236fa
  • HFC-125
  • NOVEC 1230
  • HCFC Blend B (Halotron)