E-Waste Recycling and Certification of Disposal

At Quantum Technology we believe that acting responsible about the environment is the best policy. That’s why when we demolish and liquidate a data center, 98% of EVERYTHING is resold, recycled or reused.

Not only do our offices practice cutting-edge green practices, like waste reduction and recycling, but we extend those practices to every element of our business. When transporting hazardous materials, we work to ensure that their handling, store and shipment are safe.

Our commitment

The environment is not just the air around us, but the people we live with, and Quantum Technology is committed to taking care of people and making a difference. To that end, you can trust that we will never resell equipment to exploitive industries in places like China and India. Many such industries won’t use diesel generators as back-ups, but as primary energy sources, putting employees at risk of lung inflammation, respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Not only do we make sure that our company abides by the industry’s highest environmental standards, but we are responsible for where our products ship and how they are used.

We will never send containers of e-waste to developing third world countries. Unlike other companies, which send 3 million metric tons of e-waste abroad every year, Quantum Technology only uses federally certified recycling facilities in the United States. By keeping recycling waste in the United States we create jobs in this country, as well as ensure that no environmental or human exploitation can take place. In developing countries around the world, e-waste is often mishandled – backyard recyclers will incinerate equipment unsafely to try and scavenge gold and other precious metals, a practice that produces toxic pollution with very low recovery rates.

Quantum has R2 certification which means that we have been awarded certification through an accredited third-party Certification Body to ensure that all electronic equipment we handle has been managed in an environmentally responsible manner, protective of the health and safety of workers and the public, and that all data on all media devices is secure until destroyed. By working with Quantum Technology your company can earn LEED credits, an important incentive for any construction project.

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