Got used batteries? Not sure how to dispose of them, or concerned about hazardous fluids? Quantum Technology is trained to safely remove used and old batteries. All of our batteries are properly recycled and reused.

Why use Quantum Technology for battery recycling?

  1. We will never send batteries to poorer countries. In order to cut costs, other companies will send batteries to areas of the world. We believe that we are stewards of the environment. We recycle all of our batteries with companies in the United States that keep to the strictest level of standards required by law and safety. When you use our company, you can feel secure that your battery waste will be reused instead of clogging up landfills and leaking dangerous acids in the soil and water.
  2. We have been dealing with information technology and data center equipment for over 25 years. When we recycle batteries we draw heavily upon those years of accumulated experience. We will protect your equipment – such as UPS cabinets, generators, and PDU’s – when removing batteries. We can also consult with you about your equipment. Maybe you’re looking to get rid of a UPS system along with its battery units. We can help you with both, saving you time and money.
  3. We make it easy! No need to deinstall your batteries yourself or figure out ways to transport them. Once you have contacted us we will handle all the logistics, from deinstallation to transport to recycling. You can feel confident that we will quickly address any concerns and make sure the recycling process is quick and easy.

We handle a variety of batteries including lead acid, absolyte, wet cell, steel case, VRLA, and more including brands from:

  • GNB
  • C&D Technologies
  • Exide
  • Deka Unigy
  • APC
  • CSB

For more information about battery recycling, or if you have batteries that you need help disposing.

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