OSHA Certification

Quantum Technology has an OSHA certified safety expert on staff at all times and is committed to best practices to protect our most valuable assets: our employees. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was established as an agency under the Department of Labor by President Nixon in 1970. Its […]

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Tier Ratings and Diesel Generators

There are now four different tier ratings for diesel generators. What do they all mean and how do you know what tier rating you need? Hopefully we can demystify diesel generator tier ratings for you. In 1994 the EPA met with major diesel engine manufacturers and the California Air Research […]

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The Link Between Copper Scrap and Global Oil Prices

If you’re involved at all with metal scrapping, either as a scrapper or a seller, you have noticed lately that copper pricing has been turbulent. Today it’s up, tomorrow it’s down (and mostly it’s down). Some pundits and experts have noted that metal pricing is closely related to the international […]

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