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The main purpose of a UPS is to provide instantaneous power when your main power system experiences a failure. Unlike generators, which take time to startup, UPS’s run on batteries and eliminate any downtime. This is essential when you’re providing a mission critical or emergency service. Hospital respirators, or critical data systems, can’t be down for even a few minutes. The UPS bridges the gap between your initial power failure and when your generator kicks into high gear.

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We carry a wide range of breaker manufacturers and amperage sizes including Challenger, Cutler Hammer, Federal Pacific, GE, ITE-Siemens, Square D, Westinghouse and Zinsco. They range in sizes from 10 amps to over 3000 amps.

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Raised access flooring provides an elevated floor beneath which one can run cabling, wires and circulate cool air. This type of flooring consists of a substructure of pedestal supports that vary in height, providing support for removable floor panels. These floor panels tend to be 2×2 ft and come in a variety of fills including concrete, hollow steel and woodcore. Panels also come in a few different finishes; carpet tiles, laminates, marble, stone, and more.

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Server Racks

We sell server racks in a variety of sizes, makes and models. Among those manufacturers are APC, Compact, Eaton, Emerson, Kendall Howard, Liebert, Dell, HP, Sun, Chatsworth, Rittal, and IBM. We sell full-sized racks and half-sized racks. Rack accessories include cable management devices and power strips. Sizes we offer range between 8U and 47U, including many in popular sizes like 42U.

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Chillers, Cooling Towers

Cooling towers discharge heat from air conditioning systems and come in a number of sizes varying from small roof-top units to enormous towers up to 660’ tall. These towers are used for a variety of applications including oil refineries, petrochemical plants, thermal power stations and HVAC systems. We most commonly see HVAC cooling towers which are essential for keeping heat-producing data center equipment functional. Water-cooled chillers are generally more energy efficient than air-cooled chillers which reject heat at a higher temperature. Chillers, CRAC units and cooling tower sizes are measured in tonnage.

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CRAC units monitor and maintain the temperature, air distribution and humidity in a data center or other mission critical location. This is essential as the kinds of equipment found in these locations (such as UPS power equipment, server racks, etc) can reach levels of heat that jeopardize your unit stability. The main purpose of any CRAC unit is to make sure your equipment doesn’t overheat and run into problems small and large.

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