Data Center Projects


Quantum Technology was hired to decommission the 40,000 square foot data center in King of Prussia, PA. Quantum was able to pay GlaxoSmithKline a substantial amount of money for the data center equipment while charging nothing for the demolition and removal. The work included:

Full scale demolition of 40,000 square feet of floor tiles and understructure, plus demolition of the ceiling structure, pipes and cabling.

Disconnection and removal of HVAC systems, UPS systems, Halon, Power panels, transfer switches, distribution panels, wire and cable.

Dismantling condensing units and chillers from the roof area.

Dismantling and removing Power Generation equipment.

Providing environmental recycling for all waste including cable, wire, steel, electronics, halon, lead acid batteries.

Scraping and polishing cement floors; cutting back conduit and piping.

Working closely with management to provide full communication and responsiveness in each phase of the demolition and restoration. Project length: 8 weeks

When we take out Liebert AC units for resale, we custom build sturdy pallets, wrapped and banded for safe transport.

Quantum Technology sells refurbished units with new relays, belts and filters, tested, with warranty.

Remanufactured units will also have new bearings, relays, belts, filters, zero hour compressors, cleaned with a fresh coat of paint. Paint color can be Liebert off white, grey or black, according to the customer’s preference. We also clean and check the barrels.


The glycol AC units from GlaxoSmithKline came with Dry Coolers and pump packaging. All merchandise is cleaned and tested before shipping. Dry coolers and condensers can also be remanufactured prior to resale, with new relays and rebuilt motors.


When selling equipment to Quantum Technology, or inviting us to quote on decommissioning a data center, the end user may want to take pictures of the equipment and data tags, and send them over to us prior to bringing us on site, just to get an idea of the value of their assets. Pictures should be checked to make sure they are sharp and clear, like this one from GlaxoSmithKline.


Quantum Technology also bought and resold the roof top units.


The Caterpillar Generator was an older unit from 1987, but maintained in excellent condition.


The generator buyer did not want the enclosure, however, so we busted it up and consigned it to scrap.


After the generators were loaded and the fuel tanks were drained and shipped, we cleaned and raked the area.


The inside of the building was transformed from a multi-million dollar data center to a broom swept warehouse ready for a new tenant buildout.


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LeFrak, Jersey City

When LeFrak, a worldwide leader in real estate development, took over as managing agent of 111 Tower Square Plaza in Jersey City, they hired Joe Ryan of Ryan Real Estate who partnered with Hidalgo Communications and Atlas Communications to rebuild and market approximately 100,000 square feet as data center and colocation facilities.

The first task was to clear out 3 floors of old data center infrastructure equipment left by Morgan Stanley, a former tenant of the building.  The clean out would both prepare the floors for build out, and make them presentable to prospective tenants.  Ryan Real Estate recommended that LeFrak use  Quantum Technology.

The scope involved the removal, sale and recycling of close to 1000 data cabinets and racks, the pulling back of extensive fiber and cable runs, and proper terminating of subfloor electrical connections.  The cable extraction and termination beneath the raised floor was particularly sensitive. If any cables were not pulled or properly terminated, the subsequent activation of those lines could cause electrocution or fire. Quantum completed the job in 6 weeks.

There were close to 1,000 data cabinets: HP, Dell, IBM and others. Each one needed to be unbolted and disconnected from the fiber, cabling and power cords.


Name brand cabinets in good condition were resold. Quantum always has lots of data cabinets available for sale at extremely reasonable prices.


There were thousands of pounds of fiber optic cable, which, traditionally has been relegated to the landfill. However, there is now a way to convert the fiber scrap into its basic components and remanufacture it into plastic pallets and other reusable products.



These power strips can be recycled or reused. Don’t throw them in the trash. In fact, quantum has a zero landfill policy.


These tape cartridge libraries are made of metal and plastic. They can be broken down for recycling or resold.


Specialty items such as fire proof cabinets can be resold.


We placed masonite on the hallway floors and papered the walled with thick paper. Unfortunately, some of the floor thresholds were damaged from the thousands of pounds of data cabinets rolling over them. Quantum technology purchased $4500.00 of replacement thresholds for the building. We take responsibility for leaving every workspace in the condition we found it.


The subfloor feeders, if not disconnected or capped properly can cause an electrical fire when power is reintroduced. Every feeder was inspected prior to job completion.


A picture of one room after the data cabinets were removed. Broom swept and ready to show prospective tenants.


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Intuit Data Center, San Diego

kilroyWhen Intuit moved out of 6200 Greenwich Ave, San Diego and into their new headquarters, Kilroy Realty, the building owner, decided to do a complete interior demolition and re-do of this hot piece of real estate. Kilroy hired Quantum Technology for the decommission of the facility and data center assets.

The generator room was completely dismantled. The generators were resold and the room brought back to bare concrete.


The tanks had to be disconnected and lifted by crane over the retaining wall. Quantum Technology will drain and deliver diesel waste to certified recyclers.


The data center itself housed a huge number of Liebert air conditioners, UPS systems, PDU’s and electrical equipment.


Beneath the tile floor, the understructure was reinforced with earthquake resistant braces. Everything was meticulously dismantled and removed.


Several truck loads of batteries were removed and shipped to recycling facilities.


Quantum deactivated, disconnected and recycled several thousand pounds of halon.


Liebert air conditioners were drained of R22, disconnected and rigged out onto trucks.


The roof had large air handlers and many Liebert dry coolers. Unfortunately, the dry coolers were worn by the weather and could not be reused. They were sold to a local scrapping company.


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Blue Cross, Wayne PA

AES, a local environmental company, hired Quantum Technology to decommission the data center in the Blue Cross building in Wayne PA. Quantum Technology bought the generators, switchgear, UPS systems, AC systems and all of the data center assets, then used the revenue from the equipment to offset the cost of decommission.

The generator was the cornerstone of the decommission. Because of its size it required an oversize truck to transport it. Quantum Technology can make all arrangements for disconnect, crane rigging, and trucking to its customers. Diesel waste is drained and recycled.


The actuators on the halon tanks were deactivated and the halon was shipped on pallets to a recycling facility. Certification is available for all items that are recycled, from halon and R22, to lead acid batteries.


The data cabinets were all resold.


Because the Liebert air conditioners and UPS’s were all late model and well maintained by Blue Cross, they easily found a home in other data centers.


Transformers, if in good condition, will find their way into another facility.


Switchgear is tricky to resell. Much of it is custom built to spec. At Blue Cross we wound up disassembling it and selling the breakers as warranty replacements or first time installs.


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Centocor, Radnor, PA

Quantum Technology was brought in to purchase and remove the Laboratory Case Work and walk in coolers from the former Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Centocor Ortho Biomed, in Radnor PA.

Customers that need nice clean laboratory case work call Quantum Technology. We de-install it from pharmaceuticals and bio-tech labs, and resell it by the linear foot.


Used fume hoods which are in excellent condition are a sought after item.


The compressors were de-installed as well and sold with the walk in coolers.


Here is a typical walk in cooler found in a bio-tech facility. They can be used in a variety of applications. Our mechanics make sure nothing is damaged in disassembly, handling or shipping.


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Bank One, Phoenix AZ

Fenway Properties purchased the old Bank One buildings in Phoenix AZ. In order to prepare them for renovation, Quantum Technology was brought in to decommission the data center equipment, generators, chillers, electrical and cooling equipment. The project took seven weeks.

The generators were 1979 Cummins, but despite their age, they were resold.


To extract the generators from the building we needed to knock a hole in the brick wall and pull them through. Our men were looking forward to the exercise.


Here they come.


One of the generators is loaded and ready to ship.


We pulled out 20,000 square feet of flooring.


The crew brought the room back to bare walls and floor. The piles of understructure would be packaged in gaylords and shipped with the floor to their new home.


The floor is loaded on trucks and shipped to another state for a data center buildout.


A lot of equipment from data center decommissions like Bank One is sold to local customers, such as this air compressor. We loaded his truck and away he went.


Here’s Mordy taking a break. It’s Phoenix, but the hat betrays him. He’s a Phillies fan.


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CSC, Austin TX

CSC is a global IT services company that needed help liquidating their 8,000 sq ft data center in Austin, TX. Their lease had expired and the next door tenant wanted to move into the space. CSC was on the hook for removing all equipment from the site and returning it to original condition. That’s where Quantum came in.

In only two weeks in March, 2015, we were able to do a full disconnect of the site’s Eaton UPS’s, DataAire CRAC units, safely remove and recycle lead-acid batteries, lift all raised access flooring, and disconnect remaining server cabinets and electrical infrastructure.

There were special challenges associated with this job. Our team’s time in Austin, TX overlapped with the South by Southwest music festival. The festival attracts musical acts and fans from around the world, showcasing 2,371 artists, including 553 from 57 foreign countries.

Over 28,000 visitors flooded Austin, making the removal of the CSC equipment into a logistical nightmare. Streets were blocked off. Trucks had trouble getting in. To cap it off, there was only a small dock and it could only fit straight trucks. Quantum used creative techniques for loading that successfully navigated the city traffic and loading limitations.

By removing all the equipment and pulling up the raised floor, we were able to bring the suite back to its original condition when CSC first leased it.

Notably we didn’t put anything in the landfill. Quantum Technology resold all the assets. Even the raised access flooring tiles with major cuts in them, notoriously hard to reuse, were given away to local residents for use as a splash guard for work areas, and flooring. They were greatly appreciative, saying, “We think it’s a good product. It was very well-constructed.” The fiber was given to a local IT maintenance person.

The South By Southwest music festival roared at night. The streets and traffic were blocked during the day. The entire move had to take place while the festival was happening.


Even though the dock looked large, it could only accommodate small straight trucks. This forced our crew to innovate creative ways of loading out the equipment.


Everything was removed from the suite: cabinets, cooling and power equipment, the floor and overhead racks.


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Condé Nast, Newark, DE

Conde Nast, the mass media publisher of Wired, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker made the huge decision to shut down their data center operations and go to the cloud. While they were looking for a buyer for their data center building in Newark DE, Quantum had already submitted a proposal to the property management group, to do a complete interior decommission of the 67,000 square foot facility. Weitron, the refrigerant marketing company stepped up to buy the building as the location for their new warehouse. Weitron engaged Quantum to purchase and remove the entire data center along with the generators, chillers, switchgear, and electrical rooms. In the conversion from data center facility to warehouse, Quantum also demolished and recycled almost a million pounds of interior dry wall partitions.

Data Center assets included 40,000 square feet of raised floor, data racks, PDU’s, AC units, UPS system, Cummins generators, switchgear, and Aaon 335 ton outdoor chillers.

photo 2 (2)

The Liebert AC units were redeployed in a co-location facilty buildout. There are many different kinds of AC units- glycol, air cooled, chilled water, upflow, downflow, etc. Call Quantum Technology for your particular needs. We have a wide selection from all of our data center decommissions.


The switchgear was dismantled and the breakers were sold to various companies, either as new installs, or replacements.

photo 1

Conde Nast kept their equipment in immaculate condition. These Cummins generators were sold with their mufflers, controls and load banks.


Data Center owners wonder how on earth they can resell monster outdoor chillers like these. The beauty of the used market is that we all work together to redeploy as much equipment as possible. As an R2 certified company, Quantum’s first mandate is to resell. After that, break down for parts and recycle. These units were resold.


The 20,000 gallon fuel tank was resold to a mulch company in Vermont.


This is a typical room in the process of deconstruction. The ladder racking comes down, the cable is pulled and the raised floor is removed.


Raised floor tiles are stacked neatly for shipping. Customers may want only whole and perforated tiles with no cuts and drill holes. Everything is segregated and packed separately so each customer gets exactly what they ordered.


This room is getting down to bare floor. The pipes and whips are separated for recycling.


Underneath the tiles running down the corridors we found the huge chilled water pipes for the air conditioning. Everything came out.


Pipes revealed!


We took down almost a million pounds of dry wall. Many companies will load the dry wall into dumpsters and ship it to the landfill. We recycled it all.



We opened up the entire warehouse for our friends at Weitron, including taking the air handlers out of the ceiling, and removing a huge metal structure that was been designed to catch rain water if the ceiling leaked.


Pipe removal in the mechanical room required use of a torch.


This is after the generators were rigged out of the building. Eventually these exhaust louvers were also removed. Where cement pads were left, we broke them up and patched the floor. Where holes were left, we filled them with concrete.


Empty pads where the Aaon chillers once stood.


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ASCO Corporation, Florham NJ

Turner Construction was doing an interior demolition of the old ATT Shannon Labs building in Florham Park, NJ for Jones Lang Lasalle, who had just sold it to ASCO, a manufacturer of power transfer switches.  Quantum Technology was invited in to purchase the assets and decommission the data center equipment.  While we were there we purchased and resold UPS equipment, Liebert air conditioners, PDU’s, transformers, fire suppressant, and the cafeteria equipment as well.

There was a full company cafeteria in the building. Quantum Technology was able to sell the counters, sinks, ovens and refrigeration units. Ask us about used cafeteria and food service equipment.



The activators on halon tanks can explode if not deactivated and handled properly. Quantum technicians are trained in tank deactivation and removal.


Sealed lead acid batteries are a hazard. They need to be properly removed and palletized correctly for shipping. Mechanics should wear protective gear and be extremely careful not to cause an electric arc. They may look neat and organized, but these cabinets can kill.


There was plenty of electric equipment, conduit and cable to decommission. Check out the ceiling. Most of the time new tenants do not want old fiber, cat and power cables. They prefer to run their own brand new material. Call Quantum for cable removal.


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Oracle Data Center, Reno, NV

Quantum met with Matt Grimes of CBRE in December 2014 to inventory the old Oracle data center in Reno NV. Matt’s goal was to sell the building or find a new tenant who would utilize the data center assets. If no buyer or tenant materialized, Matt was prepared for Quantum to do a complete decommission and market the building as office space only. Within the next few months Renown Health purchased the property. Matt referred Quantum to Renown, who in turn introduced them to their GC, Lindsey York of Centerline Consulting, who ultimately chose Quantum Technology to do the decommission and removal.

David on the roof of the Oracle building during the site visit in december. What a beautiful location!


Quantum’s decommission of Liebert AC units and raised floor.


The Liebert AC units had to come out through the window. Quantum removed the window, and extracted the units with a telescopic forklift.


This is a picture of the dry coolers installed on the roof before decommission.


Quantum brought in a crane to remove the dry coolers. Here they are being loaded on a flat bed for transportation to their new home. All assets from our decommissions are either resold, utilized for parts or properly recycled.


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FortressITX, Clifton, NJ

FortressITX was moving into a new building and invited Quantum Technology to make an offer on their surplus assets- UPS systems, AC units, data racks, etc., and a Caterpillar generator in the basement. The only way to get the generator out was through the basement, out a rolling steel door, up a skinny well and over the fence.

Here is a picture of the generator in the basement of the building. We bought it and all the data center equipment. The tricky part was getting this out of the building.


Fortunately, one of the services Quantum Technology offers is expert rigging. You can see from this picture how little room there was to extract the generator. Call us with your tough rigging situations.


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Christ Church

Christ Church in Greensboro had located a former Data Center building that they wanted to remodel and use as their new church. Buddy Turner and his team solicited a number of quotes from local construction companies to do an interior demolition of the site, but the numbers they got back were very high. They needed everything to be removed before they could convert the space into a place of worship. That’s when they found Quantum Technology. We were able to pay Christ Church for the assets we took out of the building. They used that money towards the purchase of new Church flooring. All the labor was done for free, including the disconnect and removal of UPS equipment, the electrical room, remediated R22, raised access flooring — all while leaving their partitioning walls intact. We even left a stage of raised flooring for them to use for their pulpit.

The Data Center contained raised floor, cooling units, PDU’s, UPS’s and other equipment.


This Control Console had to be dismantled and removed. Data Center furniture like this is often available from decommissions.


The space was transformed into a beautiful place of worship.


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Other Quantum Clients

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